“As a long time fan of metal and grunge, I’m always excited by something new. Grizzlor come from New Haven, Connecticut and their music is full of pure aggression and youthful energy. This is a band I’d go out of my way to see – the energy here needs to be heard.” – Thom Green of Alt-J, NME Magazine, UK

“This is the type of music you don’t justify enjoying; it’s something you simply have on while home alone, that you feel you can have and no one can touch or take from you. It’s as sloppy as it ought to be, the best possible stereotype of a rock band, and it can only be described as “fat.” Two thumbs up.” – China, The Choir Croaks

“I noticed a song called Drinking Blows and I was like, “What’s all this nonsense?!?” As I listened and was pleasantly surprised by the chaotic and sloppy nastiness that reminded me of early Amrep bands like Cows or Halo of Flies, mixed with some Wire and Pissed Jeans. Also, any cover art with the Metaluna Mutant scores big points with me. Cool, I’m in. For all 6 tracks.” – Derek Hahn, Staticfraction

“GRIZZLOR hail from New Haven, CT and they play a fuzzed-out ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME brutal form of noise rock that I just can’t get enough of here at GIMME TINNITUS.” – GIMME TINNITUS, Brooklyn

“To describe Grizzlor is no simple feat. They are across the board with styles and sounds but do it in a way that sounds so familiar and so badass that you lose yourself in the moment of their songs. With hints of punk, metal, doom, nodes of surf and noise Grizzlor is arguably the most talked about band in the New Haven area.” – Connecticut Garage/Punk