Suaka was born in the summer of 2001. With heavy metal as the main element from the beginning, they have infused their music (and will continue to do so) with Indonesian traditional music through creative explorations of various indigenous Indonesian melodies.

Founded by veterans of the 90′s Queens scene and displaying a wide range of influences from classic Metallica to Samba Sunda to System of a Down, Suaka had their first audition at New York City’s famous CBGB in February 2004. They opened for legendary Indonesian band GIGI at a tsunami relief concert in New York in April 2005 and on GIGI’s US East Coast tour in September 2005.

Suaka released their first album EPISODE I in 2007, produced by Cipta G Moehammad of Stonedeaf Music. CaDik Design directed the video for the first single, “The World is on Your Shoulder.” In September 2007, Suaka played in Indonesia, including the Bandung Metal Fest at the historic ACC Building and the headlining spot at the first MAXX NOISEFEST in Jakarta, organized by the late Robin Hutagaol of NOXA. They have had radio, TV, and magazine exposure in Indonesia.

Suaka released their second album UNIFY, featuring collaborations with Goro Kadoi, Ras Muhamad, and VladVamp, in April 2010, and supported it with a mini-tour of the East Coast. They followed up with an Indonesian tour in February 2011 which included shows in West and Central Java and in Bali.

Suaka joined MONEY FIRE RECORDS in 2014. Currently, they are playing shows as a power trio in New York and working on new material. Stay tuned…