Vulture Shit

Vulture Shit

Named after the worst kind of shit, Vulture Shit is a three-piece punk band out of Brooklyn. The group— featuring Randy Vandal on vocals, Mike B. on bass, Mike D. on drums, and no one on guitar— formed in 2011 after meeting at an NYC Household Special Waste Drop-Off Site in Bensonhurst, where they were all dumping car batteries on the same day. Since then, their frenetic, splenetic songs have earned them a cult following: the kind of cult that would rather mainline the Kool-Aid than drink it.

Oh My Rockness summarizes this Brooklyn three piece noise punk group best— “One bass player. One drummer. One singer/shouter/talker. That’s all they need to rock the BOOMY SLUDGE SLUDGE BOOMS, son!” Money Fire is excited to release their next EP February 20th called The Joys Of Employment.

C86’d Says–
“They have speed, angst, and an interesting and intense vocalist who sings, screams, and speaks, but aren’t afraid to slow down and get weird and personal with the listener. All things that are necessary for a punk band to invoke a response, both positive and negative from a crowd…and let’s be honest if there isn’t some negative response you aren’t really a punk band. ”

7 Inches Blog Says–
“Vulture Shit is completely coming up with something truly particular that leave you wondering why that punk outrage at the real dumb bullshit ever went away. It isn’t directly calling for any kind of revolutionary action but things are a mess and probably always will be, and Vulture Shit does’t just have to sit back and take it.”